Açaí - the superfood #1

Açai (Euterpe Oleracea), commonly pronounced assai’ or ah- sigh-ee, is widely regarded as the most valuable berries in the Amazonian rainforest. With an abundance of nutrients, omega fatty acids and antioxidants, the açaí berry stakes its claim to being the ultimate superfood.


The reddish-purple fruit is grown on açaí palm trees and shares similarities with blueberries and grapes. Its unique composition consists of more than 80% seed, while the remaining 20% is flesh packed with rich nutrients. The essence of açaí lies in its pulp. The good fat content makes it a powerful energiser and the low concentration of sucrose helps stabilise blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Amor açaí produces pure organic açaí products in different packaging and quantities, curated exclusively to a unique range of customer groups.


Organic Ingredients

Naturally soy free-min

Naturally Soy Free

Non GMO Ingredients-min

Non GMO Ingredients

Naturally Gluten free-min

Naturally Gluten Free

Naturally Dairy Free-min

Naturally Dairy Free